WelcomE to BBS!


Our love for Bourbon started in New Orleans...

...on a family trip when we took the suggestion of a salesman who introduced us to his favorite bourbon. It quickly became our favorite bourbon and preferred spirit of choice. From that trip, we spent every Friday for an entire year creating new cocktails using bourbon. It was 'our thing' and something we looked forward to at the end of every week.

Fast-forward a year later, after realizing that there is very little direct marketing geared towards people of color in the bourbon industry, we began to brainstorm how to share 'our thing' with the rest of the world. On another family trip, driving to Lake Tahoe, stuck in traffic for 6 hours, we created Black Bourbon Society.

Black Bourbon Society is a virtual social club dedicated to African American bourbon and whiskey enthusiasts. Through our social media platforms and exclusive events, we will feature a variety of high-end premium bourbons and whiskeys, share our favorite specialty cocktail recipes, highlight new, upcoming, and rare releases, and feature world-renowned master distillers.

Through Black Bourbon Society, we hope that you fall in love with America's Native Spirit just like we did and explore the many flavor-notes that each barrel and brand highlights. We hope that you join us in learning more about the rich history of bourbons and whiskeys and look forward to sharing a taste with you as we travel to various cities across the country. Lastly, always remember to drink responsibly. Welcome to Black Bourbon Society!

  Sam & Ray