Polar Opposites Make The Perfect Pair - Bonded in Bourbon


They say opposites attract. It’s almost like the balance of law and nature: Yin and Yang, Up and Down, Good and Evil, Hot and Cold… Somehow, there’s harmony in extreme opposites that provide balance and justice. That’s the best way to describe some of the greatest duos: Batman and Catwoman, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez, Beyonce and Jay-Z,  and now… Armond and Samara (yes, me) – the hosts of the ABV Network’s newest podcast, Bonded in Bourbon
Bonded in Bourbon is a whiskey review show given from a his and her perspective. Although we are partnered in love and in business, our palates are completely different. Armond loves Scotch and Japanese Whiskies. He prefers lower proof whiskies with mellow flavors of vanilla, caramel, and honeysuckle. I on the other hand, am a bold bourbon and American whiskey girl. I love anything over 100 proof with bold flavors and viscous texture. Somewhere, we meet in the middle – sharing a dram and just enjoying each other’s company while comparing and contrasting our favorite whiskies. Consider us the Siskel and Ebert of the bourbon world but funnier, in love, and more pleasing to the eyes (and ears). 
Relying on our Stave and Thief Executive Bourbon Steward Training knowledge, Armond and I have taken on the dubious task of reviewing every bourbon, scotch, and whiskey we can possibly get our hands on. We’ve studied the whiskey making process (including understanding the effects that wood, charring and aging all play a role in creating complex flavor profiles), have mastered our sensory skills and developed a 10-point review system based off of Appearance, Nose, Taste, Mouthfeel, and Finish. With a potential cumulative score of up to 100 points, Armond and I review, compare and contrast our tasting notes and scores on each episode. 
So far, we have 13 episodes under our belt including reviews on Elijah Craig Barrel Proof, Eagle Rare, and High West’s Yipee Kayay. We give out pretty decent scores mostly ranging in the mid to high 80’s but only one bourbon has received a perfect score, which of course, is our own Black Bourbon Society labeled Makers Mark Private Barrel Select Bourbon. In each episode, we continue to amaze each other with our tasting notes and scores. Come to find out, I really like Scotch too. And surprisingly, Armond has fallen in love with a few high-proof bourbons. Above all, the show documents our growth as partners, defines us as experts in the whiskey world, and keeps us connected despite living 3,000 miles apart in LA and Atlanta. 
Join us every Tuesday on the ABV Network and your favorite podcast streaming service to listen to our latest whiskey review and find out why we are the perfect critical duo making waves in this industry. You can also catch previous episodes and learn more about Armond and I on our website: www.bondedinbourbon.com. We may have different palates and perspectives, but one thing is certain, we are perfectly paired, and forever Bonded in Bourbon.

Originally Published for the Bourbon Zeppelin on December 1, 2018.