Over The Moon. Or Rather, a Barrel.

Soooooo….the barrel has arrived! The Eagle has landed!  

Well, it kind of like flew by and waved…. 


As you know, Samara and I went to Maker’s Mark back in July and went through their exquisite Private Select Barrel program. You can read more about that experience here, but this is about the finished product and its debut release a few weeks ago in Atlanta. It’s about the liquid in the 240 bottles, and the pure unadulterated joy I saw on people’s faces when they tasted it. The 240 bottles completely sold out in less than 24-hours due to popular demand.
First, let’s get to the bourbon itself.  Our Maker's Mark Private Barrel Select  has a base of 110 proof Maker’s Mark Cask Strength. We seasoned the bourbon for 9 weeks with our unique combination of wooden staves to get the flavor that we wanted. Now if you know anything about our palates or listen to our podcast, Bonded in Bourbon (http://www.abvnetwork.com/bonded-in-bourbon/), then you know that Samara and I have very different palettes. She likes 110+ proof, spice-forward bourbons that demand to be noticed. I prefer lower proof (92-99) and more subtle notes such as vanilla, caramel, and citrus. Somehow, we managed to create a bottle that perfectly compliments both of our palates. 
With heavy caramel and vanilla on the nose, a heavy touch of spice hits the front of the tongue, it passes back, rich notes of caramel and sweet vanilla roll forward and mellow out into a nice, warm finish. It makes for a pour that is complex, yet inviting and ultimately rewarding. If you are in the industry I recommend that you look into getting your own barrel and going thru the process at Maker’s Mark. Their barrel program is totally customizable and is often applauded as the best in the industry. 
We had hope, and maybe even a little bit of trepidation, about how this barrel was going to be received by the masses but to say that we have been amazed at the reception would be an understatement. The barrel arrived in Atlanta on Tuesday October 29th. We picked it up and debuted it to the public along side Maker's Mark at Whiskies of the World in Atlanta that Friday. We knew Whiskies of the World would be a tough crowd with the majority of the attendees either being in the industry or experienced whiskey drinkers. 

But guess what? 

They LOVED it!!  The responses were so genuine and enthusiastic. Samara and I were so grateful to everyone who tried it and enjoyed it.  
The response was so positive and the demand has been so high, that we decided to order another barrel to rerelease in March. It reminded us of one of the reasons why we do what we do: we want to bring joy and happiness into the lives of people who are interested in learning more about and drinking whiskey. We certainly could not have done this alone, and we want to thank our friends at Maker’s Mark, Tower Wine and Spirits, and most importantly, the members of Black Bourbon Society, for all of their support.  
If you were able to get a bottle then share it with your friends and family as we get into the holiday season. If you didn’t get a bottle this time, rush straight over to www.blackbourbonsociety.com/support to reserve one from our next half-barrel order, arriving March 2019. We only have about 50 bottles available.  We think it will make an excellent addition to any collection. 

Happy Holidays!!

This article was original published for Bourbon Zeppelin Newsletter on November 15, 2018.

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