30 Ways to celebrate 30 Days for National Bourbon Heritage Month

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Cue the music! It’s most wonderful time of the year! Happy National Bourbon Heritage Month!

This is the month that all bourbon enthusiasts come together and proudly raise their glasses to our beloved Native Spirit. It’s a month jam packed with activities, festivals, and it also marks the beginning of the often-coveted Fall bourbon bottle releases. National Bourbon Heritage Month was created in 2007 by U.S. Senator Jim Bunning who wanted to reinforce the significance of Bourbon being America’s ‘Native Spirit’. This month-long celebration highlights the contributions, craftsmanship, history, and achievements made in the bourbon industry. 
National Bourbon Heritage Month is also significant for me because it also marks the anniversary of Black Bourbon Society. Two years ago, I officially announced that BBS was ‘a thing’. Two years later, that ‘thing’ has kind of turned into a ‘big deal’. We’ll be celebrating our place within National Bourbon Heritage by kicking off the month with our inaugural Bourbon Boule event in New Orleans, and wrapping up the month in Louisville on stage at the Bourbon & Beyond Festival. I look forward to celebrating National Bourbon Heritage Month every single day – and so should you. Here’s how!
30 Ways to celebrate 30 Days for National Bourbon Heritage Month:

  1. Visit the beloved birthplace of Bourbon – the Bluegrass State – Kentucky!
  2. Kentucky Bourbon Festival – September 12-16th
  3. Join Steve and I in Louisville for the Bourbon and Beyond Festival – September 22-23
  4. Tune in to the Bourbon Daily Podcast to get the latest scoop on Bourbon Industry News
  5. Cook with bourbon! Add bourbon to your favorite dishes and watch the flavors explode!
  6. Mix it up a bit by making classic bourbon cocktails such as an Old Fashioned, Brown Derby or a Manhattan
  7. Host a blind bourbon tasting for your drinking buddies
  8. Visit the iconic Maker’s Mark Distillery – the genesis of Bourbon Tourism
  9. Start a Bourbon Collection. Already have one? Use this month to add another favorite to the bunch.
  10. Try a whiskey sampling program like Flaviar to enhance your bourbon knowledge and palette.
  11. See if you can get a hold of Four Roses’ 130thAnniversary Limited Edition Small Batch Release
  12. Visit the Woodford Reserve Distillery for Friday Night Live!
  13. Join your local bourbon society or whiskey social club. You can always join BBS as well!
  14. Attend the Kentucky Bourbon Hall of Fame – the first time this event is open to the public!
  15. Check out how barrels are perfectly made and charred at Independent Stave Company
  16. Go on down to Main Street and visit the newly restored Whiskey Row
  17. Swing by Buffalo Trace for a tour led by the most beloved tour guide in Bourbon Country, Freddie Johnson
  18. Go Whiskey Hunting for new bottle releases
  19. Get certified as a Bourbon Steward with the Stave & Thief Society
  20. Test your strength at the World Championship Bourbon Barrel Relay – September 15th
  21. Push yourself beyond your bourbon comforts. Go ahead an splurge on a bourbon you’d never thought about purchasing. It might just become your new favorite!
  22. Check out the new Kentucky Bourbon Trail Welcome Center and the Spirit of Kentucky Exhibit featured at the new Frazier Museum in Louisville.
  23. Be sure to check out the launch episode of Bonded in Bourbon – featuring me and my partner, Armond Davis.
  24. Join Steve over in Missouri for his Bourbon Education Series and Knob Creek Barrel Selection
  25. Make a quick weekend trip to Louisville and jump on the Urban Bourbon Trail
  26. Brush up on your bourbon knowledge by picking up one of Chuck Cowdery, Michael Veach or Fred Minnick’s books
  27. Check out one of the hundreds of micro-bourbon distilleries popping up across the country. Did you know that there is bourbon being made in every state in the US except Hawaii?
  28. Create a Whiskey Bar Crawl in your town!
  29. Be on the hunt for the new bottle release of Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond 9-year.
  30. The most of important rule of them all: Drink Responsibly!

Originally published in Bourbon Zeppelin on September 1, 2018

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