Tastemaker Highlight - Pamela Jasper


Ever met someone who made you smile the moment you meet them? Well that’s Pam. She has an amazing personality that immediately welcomes you and makes you feel like old friends… This is why we’ve selected Pam to join the ranks at BBS and are highlighting her as this week’s Tastemaker.

Pam is coming on board as one of the Co-Chief Ambassador Officers for BBS. In this position, Pam, along with James Jones (the other Co-Chief Ambassador Officer) will oversee and implement the BBS Ambassador program. The Ambassadors will start to have consistent BBS events in select cities across the country. We are super excited to have Pam join the BBS Cask & Crew. She has some amazing ideas and truly understands logistics and business operations. Cheers to you, Pam!

Name: Pam Jasper

Occupation: VP, International Partnerships (FOREX Banking)

Location:  Atlanta

Favorite cocktail: Rye Manhattan

Favorite Bourbon: Four Roses (Single Barrel)

What's your bourbon story? What was your first dram? How did you fall in love with whiskey?
Got "caught up" on a trip to Vegas (in my 20's) and all the girls were drinking Cosmos and Apple Martinis.  I didn't want to fall-in with the pack, so I asked the bartender to introduce me to a brown liquor that would go down nice and not put too much hair on my chest.  He whipped me up a Maker's Old Fashioned and the rest is history. 

Why did you join BBS?
I joined BBS because I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and explore more brands and price points. I've always been a Four Roses, Maker's, and Woodford Reserve girl, but I wanted to spread my wings with different brands, and a wider variety of proofs.

Why is diversity and inclusion important in the spirit industry?
Diversity and inclusion is important in the spirit industry not just in regards to race, but gender as well.  For decades, women have been socialized to believe that dark liquor is for men and that ladies should stick to wines and white liquors. Diversity initiatives are bringing a new frontier of drinking experiences to women who appreciate a "neat' drink without all the sugar, mixers, and extra calories, as well as doubling the target audience and increasing sales revenue for brands. Win-win for everyone.

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